Windows Application



HTML5 charts

Set of jQuery widgets for drawing dynamic and customisable charts using HTML5 canvas. No third party libraries used. Works natively in all major browsers, no additional plugins required.

JavaScript polynomial regression solver

jQuery plug-in for solving and plotting polynomial regression using matrices. Built from scratch, no third party libraries used. Includes routines for matrix operations (transpose, multiply, invert etc.).

JavaScript neural network for digit recognition

jQuery plug-in for hand written digit recognition using neural network. No third party libraries used. Includes routines for transposing and multiplying matrices.

Small business management application

ASP.NET MVC application for small business management. Features include: CRM, task, project and document management, user groups and access rights, audit trail.

Client side form builder

WYSIWYG editor implemented in JavaScript for creating HTML forms. Supports all HTML input fields as well as headings and labels. Supports persistence of the filled forms.

Older web projects (2006 - 2008)

Some of the older web projects.

Windows Applications

Parking-lot management system

Bespoke Windows application for commercial vehicle parking lot. Featured include: vehicle register, parking contracts, payment tariff templates, template Excel reports and web based reporting system.

Management system for recycling company

Bespoke Windows application for a recycling company. Features include: CRM system, Outlook style calendar with reminders, tasks and meetings, quotes, pricelists, full user action history and template Excel reports.

Sales management system

Bespoke Windows application for pharmaceutical wholesale company. Features include: distributed environment, offline mode with bespoke data sync engine, integration with 3rd party accounting application, inventory management and comprehensive reporting.

IDE and runtime environment for SMALL programming language

Integrated development environment and runtime environment (including debugging features) for very simple programming language. Features include syntax analysis, error reporting, code execution in memory, breakpoints, stepped execution and watches.


Simple 3d shooter

Rather crude first person 3d shooter implemented in DirectX 9.0 using C++. Built from scratch, no 3rd party rendering engines or libraries used.

3d modelling using Blender

Some experimental 3d modelling done in Blender.

Hardware JVM implementation in System C

Implementation of experimental hardware Java Virtual Machine in system C. The main goal of this project was to demonstrate feasibility of hardware JVM in a single chip. Final result - 8 bit JVM processor with integrated L1 cache capable of executing 26 Java commands.