Managing day to day tasks, client relations, projects and documents can become time consuming and onerous. Moonlight is a web based business management application which makes it quick and simple to perform day to day activities and frees your time to make business decisions. Since Moonlight is web based, all you need to use it is Internet connection and web browser.

Main Moonlight features include:

  • CRM system for managing companies and contacts
  • Task and opportunity management with progress tracking
  • On-line document management system for managing your files
  • Project management with purchases and activities

For full list of features please click here.

You can also try Moonlight demo by clicking here.

Moonlight is currently in a “beta” stage and we are working hard to finish first “alpha” release. We always welcome any feedback, bug reports and feature requests, so if you think Moonlight does not fit your business perfectly please contact us by clicking here.